Verification & Integration Test Environment (VITE)

The architecture of Aviotech VITE covers the requirements of different phases within the developmental life cycle:

  • Model-/ and Software-in-the-Loop-approaches allow the execution of functional tests within a simulated envorinment.
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop test systems are an essential means for the efficient lab-integration and -verification of complex embedded systems.
  • Mobile test systems provide data logging and visualization for in-vehicle testing.

The VITE software is applied in these development phases in spite of the different hardware resulting from the varying environments and functionalities. This guarantees consistent handling for the user, but also - as an example - a direct transfer of tests from the SiL-Phase to the HiL-environment. Any VITE-based environment consists of a host system for test system control and data visualisation (GVITE), the realtime test system SVITE and - if Aviotech's SPY-Technology is used - a minimum software stack in the target (test probe).

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Individual Adaptability

Based on a modular Hardware approach, VITE Testsystems are individually assembled on behalf of the customer's requirements. Software is adapted individually by means of configuration. This can either be implemented by Aviotech, or - if desired - by the customer himself. In the latter case, the customer is free to adapt the test environment to reflect progress within a project, or to set up a completely new test scenario.

Core Functionality

  • Central, configurable realtime data model
  • Realtime logging with unlimited logging horizon 
  • Event-based logging activation
  • Integration of HiL models
  • Rest bus- and HiL simulation: support for a wide range of i/o types (Discretes, CAN, Ethernet, AFDX, LVDT)
  • Support for distributed realtime debugging (SPY-Technology)
  • C- and Python-API for interfacing test system functionality (data model, logging, ...)
  • Test script dialect (Python-syntax) for the easy and concise implementierung of test cases in cycle-oriented systems. Automatic execution, evaluation and reporting.
  • Interface for test system control (model execution, io processing, ...)


  • Java application für Windows/Linux, 32/64bit
  • Structural arrangement of testsystem data freely-definable (configuration) 
  • Seamless integration of SPY- and io functionality, live monitoring of target state
  • Live monitoring of test daten in textual and graphical representation. Support of common datatypes plus user-defined enumerators, bitfields
  • Graphical control and monitoring of test system functionality 
  • Support for ad-hoc implemention for test scripts, function generators, monitors, … (Python syntax)


The realtime data model GREATEN constitutes the core of the VITE architecture. It is executed in a Realtime Linux environment and can be individually configured by means of XML-descriptions. Dynamic, i.e. run-time reconfiguration is possible. GREATEN constitutes the functional foundation (data storage, time stamping, logging, event handling) for any further test system functionality:

  • So-called io-daemons transfer data between the physical io interfaces and the GREATEN data model.
  • HiL-models write/read their data from/to GREATEN.
  • The SPY-Debugging solution communicates ob basis the GREATEN data model.
  • Test scripts access data using GREATEN using itsevent and logging functionality.


Communication between the GVITE-GUI and the realtime Test system is handled by a dedicated Communication Daemon, which in fact provides GREATEN's functionality for the GUI on the network. As an example, any realtime data can be access from the GUI for live visualization. A seconds communication link ("supervisor") between GUI and realtime system enables confortable control and monitoring of the testsystem's realtime processes.


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