When debugging redundant systems, the application of "classic" embedded software development often comes to a limit: system-internal failure detectors react on desired (e.g. breakpoints) or undesired (e.g. modification of timing behaviour) influences by the debugging tools, and cause the target software to react.


Aviotech's SPY Technology is a debugging solution for the application in distributed redundant systems with cycle-oriented processing. Its key features are:

  • Common (virtual) time base within the network, even between non-synchronized network nodes.
  • (pseudo-)synchronous real-time monitoring and -manipulation in several targets.
  • Supporting >50 network nodes (CPUs )
  • SPY-Protokoll can be implemented on top of principally arbitrary network protocols, e.g. Ethernet, CAN or FlexRay.
  • Graphical user interface GVITE for control, visualization and logging
  • SPY functionality is completely scriptable

The SPY approach comprisis three parts:

  • The SPY-Server is part of each target node within the network: it serves monitoring and manipulation tasks (+ additional commands as required). A reference implemention in plain C is available.
  • The SPY-Client realizes the communication with all SPY Servers in the network. The Clientis executed in a real-time test system. Often, a dedicated mini PC is used, but integration into a bigger testing (e.g. HiL-)environment is also possible.
  • Host PC with Vite-GUI: controls the SPY debugger and realizes data visualization and logging.


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